About Us

Over the years, we had noticed how travelers had to cope with plenty of challenges as they traveled. Was it not possible to save the traveler some time, money, and aggravation while planning their destination trip? Was there a way of improving how fast travelers were able to access both itinerary preferences and merchant offerings? It was the search for answers to these questions that led to the development of an exclusive solution called Travel Itinerary Directory (TID), the core innovation of Travelpapers.com.

TID - Travel Itinerary Directory enables travelers to easily search, obtain, and compile the exact information they need—all in a matter of minutes. This is made possible by TID’s use of third-party platforms, advanced mobile apps, and GPS locators for information and supported by a paper module back up.
Thus, offering the tourist the best of both worlds.


How the Travel Itinerary Directory works

The TID works by categorizing merchants’ profile and contact information into Government, Finance, Transportation, Entertainment, and Tourist Attractions. Unlike traditional travel websites, Travelpapers.com has established a strategic working partnership that enables it to obtain this data directly from interested local merchants. The data content is then streamlined into Travelpapers.com’s exclusive concept module called the Travel Itinerary Directory (TID) utilized as proprietary Application Program Interface (API).


How Travelers obtain this information


Travelers have free access to this information by easily accessing TID to create their own customized Digital Travel Profile (DTP) and then apply it to their trip city destination. At this point, the traveler can print, save, forward or share their customized DTP. This service which is provided at no cost to the traveler has made it a comfortable and attractive tool to use. There are plans for TID becoming all that it can be for a traveler’s total trip experience as well as a companion at various street-level hubs and pathways. So as a traveler, you too can trust this innovation and give your next trip an experience like no other.

Values of TID

TID has a physical, fun and energetic side that goes beyond mere travel. It interacts with kids and socializes with travelers. These are reflected in the values of TID, and they include:



Knowing quite well that as a tourist or traveler, you equally have a social life and would want to meet new people, socialize and have fun, TID wants you to enjoy that life to the fullest. So, TID will show up at many social events such as parks, fairs, trade shows and festivals, and give you the thrill that you would like.



TID has a friendly and warm face that was strategically designed to capture the attention of kids. Identifying with them is part of TID’s resolve to provide kids, and their families travel tips and build long-term sustainability.


Brick and Mortars

TID will not just be about using the internet to ease travel. Rather, TID will, in addition, be making street-level appearances, taking selfie photos and building a connection with city visitors. Travelpapers.com TP-Handout is a service offering that directly interacts (face to face) with travelers, handing them a glorified use-now, souvenir, and coupon flyer.


Travel Companion

When travelers get to know and connect with TID, it enables TID to have a better understanding of their city likes and preferences, and so enabled to provide them with incentives, discounts and first-hand option as they become available, making TID a great companion to travel along with them.

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