Bringing Innovation to the Travel, Hospitality and Tourism Industry

“Destination information that would typically take travelers days to compile now takes a matter of minutes.” –CEO Donald Bailey

Knowledge (Information) is power, goes a famous saying. We very much agree with that assertion, which explains why we had created and its flagship product, Travel Itinerary Directory (TID), to put in your hands a website that gives you a load of information in regards to your traveling and related activities. With this website, you can save time and money – two precious resources for the business minded individual.

What represents is a social media cloud with a core innovation called TID that was designed to help meet your travel needs in accessing, obtaining, and compiling relevant information while planning your trip. Travelers like you will find TID interesting because it is made of advanced clouding, algorithms, and traditional page print, so making serves the individual trip requirements of travelers while embracing the converging social technologies without losing touch with historical trends. The TID offers travelers access to mobile apps and GPS locators and an opportunity for a paper backup, due to the drawbacks associated with the battery life of phones and the cost associated with WiFi.

The Goal of

The goal of is to equip all travelers with a Digital Travel Profile (DTP) at no cost, thus enabling travelers to visit the city of their choice with their preferred merchants, without the stress of always searching. Instead, travelers can create as many Digital Travel Profile accounts and have one saved as a default so that travel providers and merchants can automatically feed each city’s visitor with their preferred requests; saving travelers, time and money.

Benefits to users

  • Travelers aiming to get the most out of their vacations will get advanced travel services from the site.
  • It will serve as a valuable platform for travel stakeholders.
  • It will also serve as a source through which travel provider will develop content and report on different types of activities available while managing requests from city visitors.
  • As a unique socially engaging travel portal, will function as a spot for stakeholders to utilize in developing content and making same available for potential clients.
  • TID enables travelers to quickly and easily customize a large variety of merchant and event contents based their likes.

The resources provided on were designed to give a traveler a complete trip experience and social interaction right from the planning stage of their trip. It is quite disheartening to know that up to 90% of travelers do not have a travel profile either for their personal or business needs, before embarking on a trip, thus making it difficult for them to get the most out of their journey. It is worth noting that lack of planning is usually responsible for many travelers spending a long period in search of destination gateways. However, creating a default travel profile with eases the entire process by providing the traveler with what they could do in a given city being visited. This will interest business savvy individuals, who are on the lookout for business opportunities while visiting a new destination.

Moreover, intends to continually search and provide contents about cities cultural avenues, the local retailers, and important events as part of a traveler’s Digital Travel Profile and trip experience. So if you are in the travel and tourism industry, you will need to explore this site in the marketing of your offerings as well as what the site will offer you. On our part, we will expand it to reach more travelers who may be interested in the highlight of different travel activities.

Travelers can use TID to quickly and effortlessly customize a large variety of merchants and event contents based on their likes are preferences such as tourist attraction, entertainment, transportation, finance, business, government, and community while also establishing this content around their personal and business trip requirements. This enables owners and operators to identify travelers’ specific needs.

So, wouldn’t you rather embrace this innovation and enjoy some comfort while you traveled?

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