Digital Travel Profile Vs Other Profiles

For different needs of yours, you may be required to maintain several profiles with various service providers – such as your doctor, your mechanic, your financial adviser and many others. Do you ever wonder or question why these service providers require your profile? Though they keep your profile for different usages, the overriding need for it, however, is to provide you quick, optimum satisfaction, by providing you customized services based on your personality, individual need or preference as revealed by your profile.

The information age has made more and more people information-driven and wanting to be served on the go. Tourists or travelers, in general, are not left out of this, which explains why many are embracing the use of this technology and its internet infrastructure in their travel needs. This is evident in the growing number of OTA firms who provide websites that enable tourists to book travel related services like air ticket, hotel reservation, car rental, etc., in the comfort of their homes. The functions of these OTA firms have significantly reduced the stress associated with a tourist having to be physically present before enjoying such services, as was the case in the past.

Taking this further, just imagine that as a tourist, all the travel content you require at home locates you on the road with just as much ease. That will be a great innovation, right? Well, that is what Digital Travel Profile (DTP) does for you; DTP is a technology that captures your profile and uses the information to ensure that your travel comes with ease. No matter the city or country you are visiting, you are provided with information such as local travel incentives, savings, and discounts. You also get instant access to merchants, services and community happenings, all based on the information you had provided in your profile.

Relevance of Digital Travel Profile to a Tourist

Unlike other service providers who collect your profile and you just never get to know or feel why such a profile was collected in the first place, with a Digital Travel Profile you will notice that you are getting customized information based on your personal or business needs. No matter the city you are visiting, with your Digital Travel Profile, you are sure to be informed with maps, stores, parking spaces, directions, store hours, events and eatery information. As a result of this, tourists can enjoy the following:

  • Provided with local events and happenings well ahead of time to enable them to decide which to visit and participate.
  • Get to be served available third-party activities, attraction, and events.
  • Get an update on the important locations and tour highlights in their travel destination.
  • Get merchant content to enable a given tourist to visit the most important places his or her travel destination has to offer and at the best prices on offer.
  • Save from available discounts and incentives made available by merchants in the tourist travel destination.

So, as you can see, it pays to plan ahead and even pays more to plan with accurate information. Why not go ahead and create your own profile with Digital Travel Profile today and have a whole new experience in your tourist planning?

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