The Problems Travelers face in Accessing Destination Information and the TID Solution

Are you a frequent traveler? How have your experiences been while engaging in these frequent travels? Well, irrespective of whether you are a regular traveler or you seldom travel, there is a common challenge that most travelers face – the inability to have access to travel information, most especially their destinations information and as well as merchants’ content. If that is a problem that you had also encountered, you should know that you are not alone; most travelers have faced the same challenges.

The Problem in Context

There have been an increasing number of travelers who plan their trips online; however, instead of it being a simplified and time-saving process, they are forced to move from one website to other, or downloading several applications just to obtain the exact travel happenings, events and local merchant information that they require. Such a situation could be frustrating and tiring, forcing the majority of people to travel without a travel profile, and having to rely on old methods such:

  • Asking strangers for information
  • Obtaining and flipping through yellow pages
  • Purchasing city magazines
  • Downloading many of Apps

This situation is despite the existence of many websites who offer service related to travelers’ needs. Many Online Travel Agencies, known as OTA, provide hundreds of websites that allow consumers to book various travel related services directly via the Internet such as airline ticket purchase, hotel bookings, cruise package, and car rentals, etc.

Additionally, many websites are offering local information about things relevant to travelers’ itineraries such as information on events, which are specific to cities or regions.  These websites are sometimes privately run, and others are government-sponsored.  The problem with these regional directories is that they only offer information on local establishments. They are also not personalized or customizable to meet the individual need of each traveler. What if I informed you that a solution is as close to you as pressing a few buttons on your phone?

The Solution

For a traveler or tourist who wants to have a relishing experience from his or her trip, the above situation could be daunting. It is in recognition of this and the need to meet what the average tourist requires concerning itinerary and merchant content – simplicity – that had led us into looking for a solution that could eliminate this travel challenge. And that answer comes in the form of, a media based company that addresses destination planning requests, thus excluding the negative activities around planning a trip and making it fun and exciting.

At, we recognize that travelers, no matter where they are found, have different interests and multiple of requests, so a single plan cannot fit all travelers’ needs. We have created TID (a Travel Itinerary Directory) to enable travelers to quickly and easily customize a large variety of merchant and event contents based on their local likes and preferences as they embrace city destination. This is made possible through a Digital Travel Profile, which enables the travelers to visit the city of their choice with their preferred merchant.

So when next you are planning your destination trip, just do it with, and you will save yourself plenty of stress as well as enjoy the pleasure that your touring activities could afford you.

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