TP-HandOut—A Marketing Campaign recognizes that the best way to create a good first impression is as simple as saying ‘hello’ and ‘welcome.’ For a longer and lasting impression, you might even give people a gift to show your appreciation.

Welcoming visitors into the city is the premise that TP-Handout was established around as a street-level marketing campaign. TP-Handouts contains the same content found on a Digital Travel Profile (DTP).

The only reason calls it a TP-Handout is mainly because instead of having travelers finding us online and customize their Digital Travel Profile themselves, we engage them directly and place it in their hands as a glorified flyer. TP-Handout is strategically designed to serve travelers instant merchant and city request. It can be utilized for several functional travel resources:

1- Souvenir to take home with them as a reminder of their trip.
2- An important information resource of crucial city landmarks and agencies.
3- Travelers and locals have online access to customize their very own Digital Travel Profile.
4- Direct codes that provide online site incentives.
5- Coupons that lead to instance local merchant discount offers

City Host, “as we call them,” are highly trained to be polite and informative on city happenings, and they are the ones that are assigned to hand out the majority of TP-Handouts to travelers, tourists, and interested locals.

Canada Day 2016, was delighted to run its first Pilate program in the city of Toronto (Region 6). It was a pleasure interacting first-hand with travelers as we (City Hosts) handed them a TP-Handout. The intense look on a lot of the travelers’ faces when receiving a TP-Handout was one of bewilderment. They never have in the midst of their city visit got welcomed and received a gift before. They enjoyed the conversation break of receiving a TP-Handout by asking us questions on how else a TP-Handout can serve them.

Serving is at the heart of what we do; this why we bring this campaign to where tourists are always in search of instant cultural experiences. As we at head into the first and second quarter of 2019, we will be looking to launch into Negril, Montego Bay and Kingston Jamaica.

We will distribute 50,000 TP-Handout through our City Host and also drop them off to travel gateways interested in providing this informative resource to their visiting guests. Travelers upon receiving a TP-Handout can visit and customize theirs, socially share or print one off at no cost.

Our way at is to create unique, exciting, and fun ways to increase the cultural experiences a city-visitor has when interacting with locals, visiting merchants or travel gateways, and TP-Handouts do just that.

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