Traveler’s Depth Experience core innovation is based on its Travel Itinerary Directory (TID); however, its purpose is designed for travelers’ street-level trip experiences with online social interaction and request.

How does one measure the depth of one’s trip experience? The number of first-time experience one encounters gives you the depth of trip experience.

What is depth experience? In the travel and tourism industry, it means the authentic local and cultural experience a traveler obtains and encounters during the individual’s visit.

In a safe way, travelers want to experience local-cultural living as much as possible…it adds to their storytelling.

In most cases in life, it’s about the storytelling of new experiences or occasions. The quality of your trip depends on the depth of your local experience. Most of the conversations surrounding one’s trip go beyond the ticket purchase, the hotel bookings, or transportation requirements. It lingers on how close you got to capturing and soaking up the local experience.

Majority of local events don’t have that global ad budget like the superior entertainment, and merchants have to capture international exposure, but they are saturated with cultural intensity. It is a tradition, pulse, vibe that can only come from the inhabitants, street level, and can’t be duplicated or manufactured in a capsule or on a drawing board.

It’s around fifteen years now that I first came up with the idea on how to solve traveler’s destination information and content needs. Over those years, I’ve failed miserably trying to launch and overcome critical milestones. Walking away, at least three times with tons of money on the table, only to be sparked back into creative thought by a simple conversation challenging a traveler. This time around, it wasn’t a conversation that inspired me to get back on the beaten path to see my concept materialize. It was this article that I read, and I could not figure out why no one; well, visible entity, has created a brand concept to address this critical traveler’s loop. Also, there is something to be said about virtual offerings in a very lucrative mark going unchallenged.

I am certain that being able to supply travelers with customized travel merchants and content for their destination is key to filling a challenging space in the travel and tourism industry. Any company that is able to address this challenge will attract millions of first-time users, but what will keep users loyal is the impact it makes on their trip experiences. concept was created a few years ago just out of the analog era, and technology since then has blossomed. However, the delivery and demand for customized travel content have increased. Actually, all of today’s gadgets GPS, WIFI, streaming, push and smart apps, have not quenched the thirst of the travelers’ on-demand content needs. There are many proclamations about why travelers jump from sites to reviews in search of their destination requirements. The travel and tourism industry is captivated by commerce dictates to the most part identifying who and what a traveler is. Therefore, when a new brand pops-up, it analyzes and creates a brand based on the driving momentum of commerce, airline tickets, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and other pocket stuffers. moves away from this travel mentality of concept mission focusing on commerce first and concentrates more on serving the city visitor with a meaningful destination experience.

A huge part of travelers’ trip experience resides in the depth and ease of access to local cultural occasions, events, and merchants. takes these local experiences and presents it in such a way that travelers can enjoy customizing them around their personal or business requirements without cost prohibitives.

TP-Handout is a lead advertising campaign program of that enjoys street-level “one-on-one” interaction with visiting travelers, catering to their trip experience and will be making its official debut on November 29, 2018 in Montego, Jamaica.

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