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TID - Travel Itinerary Directory is the core innovation of and it consists of advanced clouding, algorithms, and traditional page print. With the adoption of these three key network elements has the balance not only to forge significant marketing channels for merchant offerings, it serves travelers’ individual trip requirements at the same time embracing converging social technologies without losing touch with historical trends.

Utilizing advanced mobile apps and GPS locators for merchant offering attraction but, realizing the instability of battery life of phones and the high cost of WIFI (roaming) access can have it’s drawbacks. However, the familiarity and security of having traditional paper in hand as a backup reference brings a comfort level of stability to your trip. TID offers the best of both worlds.

More On TID

TID was designed to address a pain point for travelers while at the same time creating channels for merchants to solve their problem. A problem to save travelers “time, money and aggravation” when planning their destination trip to access the best cultural experiences possible. offers a solution to this problem through its exclusive Travel Itinerary Directory (TID), which allows travelers to easily search for, obtain, and compile the exact merchant information they need – all in a matter of minutes.


What TID does is takes merchant profile contact information and categorizes it into five main sections: Government, Finance, Transportation, Entertainment, and Tourist Attractions. Unlike traditional travel websites, obtains this data directly from the merchant, strategic partners such and Google content key. With its proprietary Application Program Interface (API) the data content is then streamlined into Travelpapers exclusive concept module called the Travel Itinerary Directory (TID).

Travelers at global hubs can access TID at no cost, select their specific categorized merchant listed and then apply their trip destination. Now travelers can easily print, save, forward or share their customized merchant request in minutes.

TID has no intention of only existing in the virtual realm of serving travelers destination and mobile pains.’s core technology - TID has a future on becoming all that it can be for merchant engagement with traveler’s total trip experience with sights set on establishing its presence at various street level hubs and pathways.

Its simple! Merchants don’t need to do anything except be ready and available for travelers and tourist accessing TID for your offering.