We are a media platform where merchants are always front and stage of travelers and tourist selections


Travelers don’t mind friendly interaction from city locals, they really welcome any source of travel and tourist information that boost their travel experiences.

TP-Handout is a 50,000 Street-level
Monthly City Flyer Distribution Campaign.


Our active and well-informed city host with their well-coordinated uniforms go out of their way (Beaches, Air ports, hotels, festival, Sea ports and much more) and place a TP-Handout in the hands of city visitors acting as your offering ambassador.

TP Hangout
Design Ad

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for merchant to reach their target audience with less friction, our Ad to print platform gives merchants all the simplistic control they need to be part of TP-Handout.

American-TID provides three categories of Ads from Word Ad, Coupon Ad or Banner Ad.

Word Ad

Travelpapers in Jamaica 45 Vendors Plaza Negril 876 813-9166

Coupon Ad

Coupon Ad

Our gallery of selective Ads is always growing to meet merchants’ diverse request for quick access to design and go.

Gallery of Ads
Launch Board
TP-Handout is a monthly global active campaign, merchants can visit our launch board at any time to see what county and city campaign best suites their requirements.

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